User Agreement is also Subject to our Privacy Policy along with Cookie Policy where Members use out Services and they agree with all our terms and conditions covering from collection of data to storing of Personal Information. User while Creating Account when clicks on Sign In, then he agrees and enters legal contract with Connector and if Any User does not agree, then user should not Sign In to use any of our Services. Creates Account and Any Member after Sign In would like to cancel his contract can delete his Account from Settings and can do so and would not be able to access any of our services.

Offered Services

Connector Offers Services like Skills based Search, Rent/Sell, Matrimony, ads and other services on Connector App,, Social and Professional Networking. Once any Users downloads App and Registers are the registered members and hence the contract is applicable to only members.


Here (We, Us) is referred to Connector with whom member is in legal contract. Connexus Tech LLP is parent company of Connector in India, where parent company has all the data collected or provided by members will be saved.

Contract is only for Members.

Members personal data including collection and usage is subject to all the privacy policy and cookie policy and timely updates.


User will not be able to access our account with becoming a member.
When a User creates an account and Sign In to join the Connector Services or become a registered user on Connector, you become a Member.


We will update from time to time about any changes in our contract, privacy policy and our cookie policy, we will also send notice through our app services, mails or other communication ways for members to review the changes to become effective. Members are free to close or delete their account in case if they do not agree or object to any changes, also if members still continue to use our services would be considered as “Agree” for using our services with updated terms.


Service Eligibility

Members in contract with us should be 16 years of age or above to user our services.
In Order to Use our services, members should agree with us on following terms : –

  1. Members should be 16 years and above.
  2. A member will have only 1 account with 1 Number and 1 Email Id with their real identity.
  3. Members should not be restricted to use our app.

Any members do not agree with the above points will be violating our terms provided law of our Country permits to agree with our terms.

Member’s Account

Members shall not share their account and disclose their password to anyone and obey all our rules and regulations as per the law.
Members should keep their password strong, secured and confidential and should not share their connections with any other members following all the other policies. In case above terms are not agreed the respective members will be responsible any activity done from their account unless it is reported to us. Any members using our paid services do not have any rights to access other member personal account with their consent.


Members may have to pay taxes, fees as applicable from time to time and should agree with us in storing their payment information and obligations.

Refunds not Guaranteed.
Members using our Publish (Paid) Services should agree to the applicable taxes, fees as specified to the terms of publish services. Paid Services will be terminated in case of non payment of taxes and fees.
Members agree with us on all the terms like a) Taxes will be calculated as per billing amount during purchase. b) Publish Services are subject to Connector refund policy. c) Connector may save your billing details including Credit card, debit card for next purchase to avoid interruptions of services. d) In case of cancelation of paid services after certain time, cancel before due date to avoid charges. e) Prices may vary based on foreign exchange rates and time to time changes in currency rates.

You can get a copy of your invoice through your Connector settings from Menu option in APP.

Communication Updates

In Case of any updates on our services, apps, websites or other details related to connector, we will send you details on your provided contact details through mails, phone number or other means, in case of wrong details provided to us, you may miss the details.
You agree to us to receive this important details from time to time and you can control this in your settings too from your account.

Information Sharing

Members Information like Profile, Skills, Education Details, Blood Group, Rent/Sell, Matrimony and Other information can only be shared or post may be seen by direct contact, 2nd and 3rd degree contact can only see subject to settings provided by you. We give you preference as per your settings of choices whether who can see or who cannot see it.
When you share information on our Services, others can see, copy and use that information. Members updated details on Primary skills will always be notified only to 1st degree of contact through notification. Any members Searching for any profile, skills can be seen by all the level of contacts upto 3rd degree but would not be able to see his Contact details unless he accept the invite button by other user. Any Members search will not be visible to any other members.
We have full rights to publish our information and content on our sole discretion and without any notice on any of our services.

Know Your Rights and Limits

All the Information shared or provided to Connector, are owned by members and also members give same rights to Connector keeping his privacy as per his choice in settings to publish and post his details.
The Rights for use of content and information provided by members which they share or publish by our services also gives us the licence to use, copy share, publish and process the information or content through our services to others without any notice or compensation to any members or others. Rights have certain limitation as mentioned below.

Any Specific content can be removed by editing or deleting from our services and also by deleting your account provided if members have shared or published those details to other members and they in turn have shared to other members and time required to find and remove those content from our services.

Your Content expression is exclusively your rights and we shall not change it but the layouts and the way of presentation can be changed like font size, alignment, format etc.

We have the licence of right to serve your ads as per your content to others as per our privacy policy however we would not serve or publish your ads for the third party without your consent including our publish services.

Search Engine will show only your skills and education details and blood group except your contact details to let members find you through your skills. However you can choose to show your contact details through settings upto 3rd degree of contact.
We will get your consent if we want to give others the right to publish your content beyond the Services.
Content including personal details is subject to privacy policy between User and Connector.

As per terms in accordance to privacy policy and settings set by members, both (members and connector) agree to access, save and process all the personal information.
Connector is not liable to any compensation to Member for submitting any feedback for any purpose with regards to our services.
You promise to only provide information and content that you have the right to share, and that your Connector profile will be truthful.

Members information can be removed if law of any country does not permit connector to do it and members agree to provide only content that should not violate the law and rights of anyone’s..

Availability of Services

Connector does not have any obligation to provide its members the copy of content and personal information to others, unless required by the law of the country and as specified by our privacy policy. Connector has all the rights to end services or any change in prices as per own discretion. However we will notify about the effective date of such changes.

Information Provided by Members

Members offering any services under Rent/Sell, Matrimony or any other services through our App, are solely responsible for this activity and by any chance Connector is not responsible for the services provided by members which shall be as per their own risk.
Connector shares, publishes the post or notifies the details shared or made available by them which may be misleading, offensive or harmful to others and we do not review any content provided by using our services to others and so we are not responsible for this Information by any means. Members also agree with us that it is not our responsibility in case of any misuse is done. Members are responsible if their published information is associated with content about others or their company as we will let them know about their mention through our services.

Members giving rights or authenticating other third party apps , sites to access information which have their own rules and regulations, privacy policy which may not be as per our policies. Hence members are solely responsible for use of such sites, apps as they can access information related to you on connector not violating the Country’s applicable law of rights and privacy. This is solely at Members risk as they have given authentication to these third party apps and sites. Our Privacy policy has all the details.

Breach of Contract

Members account is liable for termination for misusing our services by breach of Contract or law. There is a right to limitation to members to contact other members on our app or site. Members agree that we have entire rights to termination of their contract if found violating our terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property Rights

Trademarks and Logos in our apps and site belongs to respective owners in our services. Connector reserves all its intellectual property rights in the services like logos, trademarks, graphics and others.

Automated Processing

Member data is used to show more relevant search results or services ans suggest or recommend similar services so we can connect them to relevant members. For Example : Any members is looking for doctors in our search engine, and other member who has maintained their profile and is relevant to doctor would be shown in the search result.

Disclaimer for Legal Liability

No Warranty

Connector’s disclaimer of legal liability for the Services and their quality and reliability.
Connector does not warranty any services or data, representations non-infringement offered by its members and third party and completetly disclaims from all the above factors. Connector provides the services as it is made available by members with no guarantee on the continuous services without interruption or errors. In Many Cases, Laws may not be applicable as per disclaimer as per laws at different places and so it may not be applicable to members.


Connector has set limits for legal liability.
Any Loss of Data, damages, profits or revenues with regards to statements, server issues or downtime or loss or usage which may be direct or indirectly related to the services offered by Connector and upto extent permitted by law is not liable by Connector unless it has signed any separate agreement.

In any given case, the claimed amount will not exceed the 2 times of the recent transaction for the Publish services or not more than INR Rs. 500 whichever is lesser shall be the liability of connector.
Connector and its members shall abide to limits of liability and can be on the basis of bargain between both to claim liability on warranty, negligence and contract as per law and if it fails to deliver even after providing informations.
This Exclusion may not be applicable to members depending on the laws governed by the place or country.

Contract Termination

Members and Connector has equal rights to terminate this contract by giving prior notice to each other after which member shall lose right to access our services with few exception mentioned below.

Prior Termination

Members and connector own the amounts.
Rights to use and disclose their feedback.
Rights to reshare the information through the services.

Post Termination

Members and connector own the amounts.
No rights to reshare the information through the services.
To close account, members can visit our FAQ’s or App Settings.

Resolution – Laws and Disputes

In case of any conflict or legal dispute, members agree with us to resolve it in Mumbai court as per Indian Laws.

If you live in India or Abroad: Connector and Members agree in case of any disputes, relating to this contract and /or the services that the laws of India, excluding conflict of laws rules, shall exclusively govern any dispute. Members and Connector agree that claims and disputes can be litigated only in India, and we each agree to personal jurisdiction of the courts located in Mumbai, India.

Terms and Conditions

The Governing Authority of Court of Law can enforce members and Connector to agree on removing certain part of the Contract and/or services while keeping the intent as per the law and Court of law can edit or modify the contract part while other parts remains the same.
Connector does not waive its right to enforce this contract if we don’t act on breach of this contract. The Transfer of Members account cannot be done without the consent of Connector and principal language version of this contract will be in English to the extent allowed by law and for members convenience will be translated in other language. In case Any party decide to buy us will be assigned with this contract and its affiliates. There are no third-party beneficiaries to this Contract.

You agree that the only way to provide us legal notice is at the addresses provided in our Contact us section.

To Do

Connector is a Social and Professional networking app based on phonebook contacts that has certain to Do on our services.

List of “To Do” that you agree with:
  1. You will provide the real information details about your profile on the app or site.
  2. The Information will be updated from time to time.
  3. Discipline should be maintained in professional way.
  4. All the laws in Rules, Regulations, Tax, Anti-spam, Intellectual property, privacy, user agreement will be complied with.

Do Not

List of “Do Not” that you agree with:
  1. Members are not allowed to use the information obtained by our services directly or through 3rd party including search engines with our Consent.
  2. Members are not allowed to use our software, services, devices, robots and any other means like add-ons or technology to effect the services or copy the data from our services.
  3. Creating an Account with fake account details misrepresenting their identity or using any one else’s details to create profile or use other member’s account is strictly not allowed.
  4. You cannot disclose other member’s confidential information including their skills and profiles without their consent.
  5. You can exceed the limits of request set for use of our services by overriding security features or bypassing any access controls of our services/technology/software.
  6. Violate the intellectual property rights of others, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, or other proprietary rights. For example, do not copy or distribute (except through the available sharing functionality) the posts or other content of others without their permission, which they may give by posting under our policies.
  7. Members cannot use our logos or business names, email or site URL without our consent and as per the policies. Copy of Sharing of our services/technology/any materials is prohibited without our consent.
  8. Software viruses, worms, or any other harmful code cannot be posted on our app or site.
  9. You are not allowed to Rent/Sell, Publish or monetize any services or related data with connector consent.
  10. Downloading contacts or access to services, messages by automated methods like bots.
  11. The Monitoring of Functionality, performance or availability of services for intent to copy for any competitive purpose.
  12. Any Attempt to get the source code (not open) for our services or technology by means of disassemble or decompile or reverse mechanism.
  13. Representing as an endorsed or in affiliation with Connector without our consent.
  14. Harm to operational work by means of spamming, virus, algorithms on our services.
  15. Functions of services changed by engaging in design or appearance.
  16. Deep-link to our Services for any purpose other than to promote your profile or a Group on our Services, without Connector consent;
  17. After Creating Account or Signing up, violate certain policies, terms concerning a services that are provided.

Content Queries

We have a separate policy with process to address any issues related to content posted by any of our members which should not be in violation of any ones intellectual property rights provided it should be correct to members information.

Contact Us

You can visit Contact Us from Menu in our Connector App to Contact us.
Also you can view our FAQ’s at our web page for any queries.
Our Contact information. Our Help Center also provides information about our Services.