Most of the time, we are unknown to use the full potential of our own Contacts, even many cases we don’t even know our Contacts! Connector’s powerful SEARCH functionality helps you to find the right connections, whether you are searching for a medical need, an educational tip, or anything for that matter. Typical search examples -“”Java Developer”, “Laptop Repair”, “iPhone on Sale”, “Hindu groom software professional”. After all, it’s better to search for a purchase or matrimonial need within your CONNECTIONS, rather than from OLX/QUIKR/SHAADI.COM!


Do you know what kind of connections you have? The best thing about CONNECTOR is that your connection’s connections are also your connections (2nd or 3rd Level). So you are empowered with a virtual network of huge inter-connections. Overview menu summarizes all your connections. Someone said “You are known by the Companions you keep”, may be in this digital age we can rephrase it to “You are known by the Virtual Connections you have”.


Your profile is MOST IMPORTANT where you should update your Contact Info, Education, and Skills. You can add your Primary Skills as well as Secondary Skills. For example, you can have Pediatrician as your primary skill and Bharatnatyam as your secondary skill. It’s very easy to update your profile yet very important to complete your profile with all required information. Your Profile empowers you to get connected professionally to unimaginable number of people via CONNECTOR.


As CONNECTOR is basically getting you connected not only your phonebook connections, but also their connections as your own (2nd or 3rd Level). Hence you become part of a huge virtual network of connected people. We respect privacy and therefore SETTINGS menu is there. You have all required settings to Block/Unblock Level-2, Level-3 connections. You can block/unblock user list, change your registered mobile number, Hide/Delete your account. Do refer our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions as well. Let us know in case you have any suggestion/feedback with regards to Privacy Settings. We respect individual privacy!


In today’s fast paced life, we are many times unaware about what is happening to our near and dear ones. We are well informed about global politics, but not aware that one of our friends is looking for a job where as your company needs a befitting candidate. CONNECTOR sends notifications, so that you are notified on connected one’s change of skill sets, job changes, location changes. And when someone from your connections publish a SELL/RENT or a MATRIMONIAL info, you get notified too.